HEALTH CARE THROUGH CANNABIS enables users of all backgrounds and personas to fully understand the potential of cannabis through an unbiased educational platform designed specifically for the global medicinal and adult-use cannabis communities. Featuring innovative tools & physician-backed content for audiences wishing to learn about healthcare through cannabis.

Many sites out there are funded through large corporations that corner both sides of this market: product and content. CANNVAS MedTech is Canada’s first independently funded public company that focuses solely on the education of learning about cannabis. Our rewards are lifestyle based not product based. We will never entice our users in the purchase of cannabis.

Our mission is to educate, period.

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Health care through cannabis for your furry friend

With the growing number of health care treatments utilizing the therapeutic properties of cannabis it’s time to educate ourselves and learn how health care through cannabis can help even our extended family members – our furry friends.


machine learning algorithms with scientific and medical research data

Pioneering to be the census data of the Cannabis industry, we couple machine learning algorithms with scientific and medical research data to provide meaningful insights to the global cannabis community. Operating as part of the platform, CannvasData analyzes a multitude of data points such as: Contextual Consumer Data, StrainTrend™ Data, Firmographic, Demographic, and Geographic data tied into reviews, scientific and medical research data to name just a few.

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We are visionary. We are innovative. We are creative.

Every project begins with a blank canvas that we as a team, and our clients, work together on. At Cannvas Creative, we bring our expertise to the canvas and help create a masterpiece that speaks to our company’s uniqueness and flair for beautifully designed solutions.

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Connecting cannabis patients with everyone

An enterprise secure data bridge, ensuring the utmost security and privacy for the company’s flow of data.